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nick kawamoto & esmeralda maldonado


About 5 years ago, we had the pleasure of giving a tour to Ivan and Scarlett in hopes that they would attend our now alma mater Newschool in San Diego. Paying no attention that within those 15-30 minutes we'd be sparking up a friendship that will last a lifetime. In the beginning we'll admit our favorite of the two was Scarlett with her chirpy, positive personality, and well Ivan...let's be real he's a little tougher to get to crack a smile; yet we've gotten to meet his goofy, carefree self. We eneded up getting to know each other and creating a bond between the four of us that has allowed us to have fun being foodies, laughing, designing, and drinking our way through a lot of beer fests. We couldn't be more happier to stand alongside them on their special day, and share in that moment of love and happiness. Get ready to keep an ear out for the amazing and embarrassing stories from our college days, and laughter and love that day will hold.


jonathan tseng

best man

Ivan and I met working together back in 2011 and our friendship deepened after a night of square dancing. As we continued to spend time together from dusk till dawn, Ivan and Angie/Scarlet became a very close and important part of my life. Angie/Scarlet has always been such a warm and loving person which has always made me feel extremely comfortable to be around with. On the other hand, Ivan and I have constantly been competitive over everything we do. It was this very nature of our personalities that drove us into a love-hate relationship but each day drew us closer and closer.


vist yang


I met Ivan and Angie 7 years ago back in Elac. We were kind of like rivals in the class at that time and competing who had the best drawings, models, and presentations. The friendship started at the end of 2014 with a beer pong match. He was extremely competitive and Unlike Angie, who was casual during the game, which made a perfect combination couple. Beginner's mistake would be underestimating Angie's due to her casualness because she was always the one who made the killer shot out of nowhere. No doubt that anytime we hangout was a good time and glad that we did hangout many many many many many times. Like a lot...


jay yang


I met Ivan and Scarlett first day of class. He rolled her into class, and our eyes briefly locked, and we both knew it wasn't friendship. It wasn't until Angie, Ivan, and I shared our first glass of whiskey at King's Row, I thought to myself maybe we could be friends after all


brady hu


For better or for worse, Ivan was, is, and will forever be a part of my life; that is what happens when I was born his brother.  My brother always looked out for me growing up, as much as I will never admit this to him in person, and decided to take me out to Cha for Tea in Alhambra one fateful afternoon many years back and that’s where I got the opportunity to meet Scarlett. Never did I know that she would become the sister I always wished for. Fast forward to today and the couple known as Ivan and Scarlett have been around for more than half my life. What started out seeming like an innocent teenage couple has now developed and grown to become an amazing and strong power couple. I am happy to have seen and experienced a lot with these two and I cannot wait to see how they continue to mold and shape their future together with this next step in life. 

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annie lin

maid of honor

I met Angie first at a tea spot called Ginkos outside Alhambra High school when I was 14. A long black hair girl, my first impression of her was she is super nice and quiet (that changed over the years - she can cut you now). Met Ivan through Angie, and thought to myself, "Who's this Backstreet Boy?" With chains and gold tip hair, and half the size as he is now - how we have all changed.


alicia madriago


Man, how did I meet Ivan & Scarlett?


It was my second day ever at NSAD and an angry looking Asian dude walked into my structures 3 class, if you’re wondering who that Asian dude was, well it was Ivan. We slowly became friends after realizing we are basically the same person with the same thoughts and design tactics - weird. With this already wonderful connection I was able to meet such a badass, hardcore, and loving chick - Scarlett! The friendship I hold with both of these individuals is very sacred and close to my heart, they have supported me through the best and worst times in my life and while it seems I’ve only known them for 4 years, It is only the beginning of this life long friendship with these beautiful people.


I love you guys ️




In 2017 at NASD, I was placed in the same studio section with Ivan. I never introduced myself because he had a reputation of being overly competitive & had an intense resting face. I guess I was intimidated at first, but we eventually ended up in the same class together. I found out that we are both overachievers & we started to have a competitive friendship, where we always tried to outdo each other. Scarlett started to visit, during our late-night studio work. She was so sweet & kind. She instantly won my heart with her home-made banana bread <3 Ivan then started to share his whiskey collection, along with Scarlett’s many wine bottles…. Although there were many nights bonding with them, there were also many nights of crashing on their couch. Big mistake to compete with Ivan to drink… Finding genuine friends to share memories & laughs are very hard to come. I am forever grateful for the friendship we continue to grow & to be a part of their next milestone in life


zin mon


I still remember my first-time meeting with Scarlett and Ivan at a friend’s house back in 2012. I firstly noticed Scarlett as a very cool girl sitting right across the table and then her boyfriend, Ivan, as a caring guy who takes care of his girlfriend all the time while socializing with other people. It was my first impression on them before actually knowing them. After hanging out on several occasions, I found out Ivan is the guy friend you can always count on and a very reliable person. Scarlett became my person whom I can share and ask for advice when there is a hard time in life decisions. With those years passed by, I witnessed their joy upon engagement and now very happy and honored to be part of their next big step life celebration. I sincerely wish you guys with lots of love and happiness since this wedding day and best of luck for the new future. 


koko kuo


Honestly, I don’t really remember how I get close to Scarletts and Ivan, I just remember it was about the time I got my drinking problem. Yes, they corrupted me with alcohol-abusing.

Environmental design 101 was the class where I first met them, the Asian looking couple with a mean face, and don’t really wanna talk to me. That’s all I remember about them for the first month of that semester.

As time went by, I noticed that Ivan was not only means but also cocky and annoying.

Then something changed my mind. As the schoolwork gets more intense, Ivan was. always eager to help others, and Scar was very warm-hearted as well. She was just too shy and felt awkward when I first say hi to her.

I cherish my friendship with this loving couple not just because they embrace me at my ups-and-downs, but also because I admire their attitude to their friends, family, and their life. Of course, Ivan’s BBQ chicken wings and Scarlett's baking are the extra bonus of this

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